It begins with the house, and the house is named.

Ticklepenny Corner, our ancient house in the country has a history exactly 100 years older then ourselves. Once pasture, once teeming with horses, once many hundreds of acres larger, the 1.3 it is today still retains the atmosphere of its previous, larger personalities.

When one has an old house, life seems to become the house. It resonates through each day, pining for attention. While it has all the creaky, draughty and sometimes decrepit features of an old place, it’s impossible not to love it.

It’s name is taken from the most excellent book Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons. Her witty, strange British dialect filled novel is something everyone should read. [The film adaptation starring a young Kate Beckinsale and Ian McKellen is also amazing]



Our designs are powered by practical, imaginative ideas taking inspiration from vintage styles and giving them modern groove. They strive to bring function and aesthetic qualities together to create pieces that are enticing, useful and fun to make.

All patterns are drafted with professional quality graphics and come with complete instructions.

We believe in the intrinsic value of making ones own articles and hope that by designing nifty patterns for every day use, Ticklepenny Corner is the catalyst for your next project.


Ticklepenny Corner Patterns | Ticklepennycorner.com

Ticklepenny Corner Patterns | Ticklepennycorner.com

Ticklepenny Corner Patterns | Ticklepennycorner.com

.:designer, drafter and homesteader:.

cropped_face With a degree in Music, a diploma in Cartography and an obsessive passion for making things of all sorts, one could say I’m an odd combination of parts. I thinks Brahms was a glorious man, paper maps are gorgeous things, attractive typefaces are addictive, typewriters are brilliant, sewing machines are splendid inventions, and knitting just might be a condition but I’m pleased to have it.

I’m striving to live in the homesteading manner of previous generations in this old place. It drives away the blues of not being employed in my field of study – so long as I’ve got a stash of fabric approaching the size of Everest, a yarn pile to match, infinite house projects, a baby to raise and a few brain cells to rub together, I can be a productive girl.





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