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If you’ve decided that cloth diapering is a pretty grand idea, lets strengthen your resolve. Take a look at this:

Cloth diaper costs versus Fresh Bum costs | Ticklepenny Corner

The commercial brands listed above were chosen for comparison as they are most similar in style and function to Fresh Bum. This way prices can be compared realistically.
The Fresh Bum materials numbers and calculations were taken directly from a receipt of materials personally purchased for the making of 30 diapers and 60 inserts.
(KAM snap pliers were included in the list as it’s not a really common thing to have kicking around a sewing room. Those who already have their own – bonus!) Those passionate for finding the best deals and sniffing out sales could reduce the cost even further.You have been challenged!
Sources: diaperjunction.com, caterpillarbaby.com, kellyscloset.com, amazon.com, blueberrydiapers.com, fuzzibunz.com, thirstiesbaby.com, bumgenius.com, kangacare.com

Commercial inserts versus Fresh Bum inserts | Ticklepenny Corner

If using commercial cloth diapers, it’s commonly necessary bolster the diaper with extra inserts or buy replacements.

As in the above, Fresh Bum insert numbers and calculations were taken directly from a receipt of personally purchased materials. Depending on the choice / number of second hand shops in your area, better figures may be possible!


Commercial detergents versus washing soda and borax | Ticklepenny Corner

Washing cloth diapers is something that one will do very often. Aside from a jump on your electricity (& water bill) the cleaning agent will present another non trivial cost. To understand why it’s beneficial to skip detergents in favour of washing soda and borax see the cloth diaper washing page.
If interested in weighing other factors that may impact your cloth diapering decision there are a couple of useful calculators to try. They allow elements such as utility bills to be factored into the equation giving total costs per month and year.

wazoodle cloth diaper calculator

the ultimate cloth diaper calculator

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