cowdle baby sleep sack

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Sleep sacks are wearable sleeping bags, a safe way to keep a baby’s naps and nights warm. It’s recommended by experts that babies not have bedding in their cribs due to the possibility of suffocation or entanglement. They have the added benefit of staying put unlike blankets ensuring a baby remains covered during their sleep.

Cowdle is quick, easy and perfectly cosy.


Cowdle has a side zipper and shoulder snap closure which deters adept little fingers from removing themselves or munching on zipper parts.

It has a generous opening making it straightforward to put on and take off as well as ample length for growing legs and ease of movement.

Easily customizable, it can be made up in a variety of different fabrics to suit every season.

The pattern details suggested fabrics, has comprehensive instructions and professional quality graphics making construction easy!

Materials list:

Newborn to 3 months:
0.8m (0.9yd) of 115cm (45″) wide outer fabric,
0.8m (0.9yd) lining, 0.8m (0.9yd) interlining (optional)
1 35.5cm (14″) zipper
1 metal snap set

3 to 6 months:
0.9m (1 yd) of 115cm (45″) wide outer fabric,
0.9m (1 yd) lining, 0.9m (1 yd) interlining (optional)
1 40cm (16″) zipper
1 metal snap set

6 to 12 months:
1m (1.1yd) of 115cm (45″) wide outer fabric,
1m (1.1yd) lining, 1m (1.1yd) interlining (optional)
1 50cm (20″) zipper
1 metal snap set

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