Old worn out slippers | Ticklepenny Corner
Old worn out slippers | Ticklepenny Corner

Mostly, this winter has been a thing of mildness, but this past week, deep winter suddenly descended. Temperatures plunged to -25, -30 with windchill making things feel like -45. My feet, in these sorry used up slippers were numb to the core.
It was obvious that replacements were needed, and quickly.These old, roughed up guys were made using this template as a starting point. Instead of the wool felt that this pattern describes, I used an old felted sweater, scraps of thick wool blanket and bits of salvaged leather.

New wool blanket slippers | Ticklepenny Corner

This time around, I decided to forego the felted sweater as it didn’t hold up well and instead opted for a enormously thick double layer of heavy wool blanket.
New wool blanket slippers | Ticklepenny CornerI edited the template in a graphics program, tweaking it to my foot measurements, cleaning up some odd angles and bringing the back/heel up farther. I found it to be too low on the previous pair.
These slippers were hand sewn start to finish as not one of my three sewing machines would have been able to deal with the thickness. It’s surprisingly quick to do by hand, however, and it wasn’t bothersome. With doubled thread throughout, the seams feel tight and secure.
new_topsI cut a two inch strip of wool blanket and finished off the slipper openings with it. These were one of the first places to show wear and hopefully this extra thickness and protection will stave of fraying and enable this pair to last a bit longer.

New wool blanket slippers | Ticklepenny Corner

Before wearing them with great relish, I’ll glue scrap leather to their toes and heels to make sure I get to wear them for more than one season.

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