interested in making fresh bum diapers to sell?
we’re flattered!

Sew Fresh Bum to sell | Ticklepenny Corner

.:f r e s h  b u m  l i c e n s i n g  i n f o r m a t i o n:.

This license is granted to cottage industry individuals who plan to make Fresh Bum cloth diapers to sell on a small scale. It is understood that this license does not permit large scale or mass production. The licensee may not sell, copy, distribute or reproduce any part of the pattern or its instructions.

.:t h e  t e r m s  f o r  l i c e n s i n g  a r e  a s  f o l l o w s:.

» a licensee purchases our Fresh Bum labels and sews them to each completed diaper before sale. The purchase and inclusion of these labels constitutes the license. Labels are purchased in sets of 25 as needed. The cost per label set is 25$ (+shipping). Once payment is received, labels will be mailed promptly to your given address.

» While the number of sets you buy is relative to your level of production, buying one set of labels, using them, then continuing to sew and sell without including the Fresh Bum label is prohibited. If you decide to stop sewing our diapers to sell, please notify us.
Fresh Bum label placement | Ticklepenny Corner

» the Fresh Bum label must be sewn to the outside of the diaper along the wing to the right of the back insert opening.

» if you are selling Fresh Bum diapers online via a personal/business website or another avenue such as Etsy, at least one photograph in your sale listing must have the Fresh Bum label clearly visible.

» Register your business with us. This way we can direct customers to you! Provide your business URL in the form below and you will be listed as a seller on our site. If selling in a bricks and mortar shop, please provide your business address.

NOTE: You are perfectly welcome to sew your own business label to the finished diaper as well!

To get a license, please fill in the form below.

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By checking the box below, you agree to comply with terms of this license agreement.

What happens now? When we receive your information, you’ll be contacted and given a custom license listing link at our Etsy shop. Your labels will be posted within 3 days of purchase :)

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