Ticklepenny Corner Seed CatalogueIt’s at this time of year that appealing (appealing to those who start dreaming about their prospective gardens at the end of January) seed catalogues begin to appear in the mail. There are always so many seductive options that beg to be tried and inevitably one gets a few too many packets of a curious beet, a thriving bean, or a newly improved hybrid tomato that screams ‘if you don’t try me, you’ll regret it’. Keeping a record of seeds you’ve tried is a good reminder of how a particular plant performed and whether or not to bother giving them garden space next season.
Ticklepenny Corner Seed Catalogue
We’ve put together a handy little printable, personal seed catalogue so you can use to do just that! (click the image below to download the file)
The Ticklepenny Corner Seed Catalogue | Ticklepenny CornerThis file is designed to be directly printed, double sided – no fuss. Because our printer had a 3/16ths misalignment from one side of the page to the other, the even pages are slightly offset. [I’ll put together another version if this completely throws off other’s printing attempts].
Ticklepenny Corner Seed Catalogue
If you’re new to binding your own book, be not afraid. It’s a fairly straightforward process that’s really rather fun and the results, with a bit of studious measuring, gluing and sewing are not only useful, but fetching.

Ticklepenny Corner Seed Catalogue |Ticklepenny Corner

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a printout of the seed catalogue (on heavy 32lb paper is recommended, but not critical)
  • a piece of heavy cardboard – gluing two layers of a large cereal box together works well
  • strong liquid glue
  • a wide, smooth artist’s paint brush
  • an old container for mixing glue in
  • a sharp xacto knife
  • a cutting mat
  • a metal ruler
  • clamps and two scraps of wood
  • an awl
  • needle and thread

Ticklepenny Corner Seed Catalogue

Ticklepenny Corner Seed Catalogue | Tickelpenny Corner

For instructions on how to successfully bind your seed catalogue into a darling little hard-cover book, please reference this tutorial.
It’ll tell you everything you need to know. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the fancy papers, boards and things. I used heavy packing paper to wrap the cover, a cereal box (as stated above) and an old map for end-papers.

There are a couple of pages that have a blank neighbour. On page 1 and 13. These are end paper sections. They’re folded in half such that there is a blank page at the front and back of the book. The remaining 3 pages of the signature are folded and slipped inside these pages. The middle 2 signatures have no blank pages.

Ticklepenny Corner Seed Catalogue



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