interested in being a pattern tester?



Are you able to work to a deadline, take notes as you go and take a good photo? Lovely! We’re looking for pattern testers of various skill levels to work through projects we have on the go.

Here’s how it works:

  • Interested sewists fill out the small form below indicating their interest and sewing skill level.
  • We’ll contact you via e-mail with the draft pattern and instructions for testing.
  • Testers work through the pattern, documenting any issues as they go and take pictures of their final project.
    A file is provided to help with documentation which is then e-mailed back to us along with your images.
  • All testers will receive a copy of the final pattern along with our warm gratitude :)

With your help our designs and instructions are improved and become their best selves.

.:click here to see patterns currently in testing – Provender harvest apron:.



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